how much is too much…
calculating the right amount of paint

Planning a little freshening up for the new year? Painting is always a quick, easy way to get a fresh new look for little effort and cost. Getting the right amount of paint seems simple—how big is the area you’re painting, and how much can the paint cover? But ask anyone who has ever painted and they’ll tell you stories of trying to get the exact same color matched because they ran out, or of having gallons of paint left over. Continue reading

take a step into style…
jazzing up your stairs


If you look at your staircase as simply a method of getting from one floor to another, it might be time to take a second look. We spend so much time and effort designing and decorating the rest of our homes, but the staircase is often overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’ve got a narrow, confined stairwell, or a big, bright and open one, there are some simple ways to add color and visual interest and transform them into more than a simple stairway to somewhere. Continue reading

10 home remodel no-no’s…
getting it right

home remodel

Whew! You’ve weighed all the options and finally decided to remodel. Whether you’re adding a room for that home office or new baby, or updating your home to be more energy efficient and functional, a remodel is a big undertaking. There are all sorts of lists of things you need to do before tackling a remodeling project; we’ve got a list of things not to do. Continue reading

styling clutter…
organized chaos

Clutter… no one really likes the word; the trouble is, everyone has their own idea of what clutter is. We all have our own spot on the clutter continuum; anything too far off from our comfort zone will not only be annoying, but it will make our spaces feel more stressful and we’ll be less productive. Right now, all the organized people are nodding and saying “That’s right!” Meanwhile, those who function well amidst their clutter are confused; they like organized chaos. And that’s OK too. So how do you achieve the organized part, especially in an office space where organization and productivity are expected? Continue reading

drab to fab…
planning makes perfect


We’ve all watched enough design shows and read enough design magazines, blogs and websites that we know good design doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes thought and work to take a room from drab to fab. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices when you’re looking at a blank slate and literally hundreds of decorating options. Or to feel stuck when faced with the same ole room for yet another day, and you just can’t decide what to do to change it. Continue reading