drab to fab…
planning makes perfect


We’ve all watched enough design shows and read enough design magazines, blogs and websites that we know good design doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes thought and work to take a room from drab to fab. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choices when you’re looking at a blank slate and literally hundreds of decorating options. Or to feel stuck when faced with the same ole room for yet another day, and you just can’t decide what to do to change it. Continue reading

transform your entry…
making a mudroom


Spring is coming and that means it’s time for muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, raincoats and more. If you don’t happen to have a mudroom, you can feel like your entry has been taken over by wet and messy outerwear. Yuck! However, it’s an easy fix and you don’t have to sacrifice (much) space to do it. Creating a one-stop-shop for all that gear helps keep your home cleaner, neater and even greener (you’ll be doing less clean up in the rest of the house and keeping all the outdoor gunk in one easy-to-clean spot). Continue reading

same old place got you down…
quick pick-me-ups for your home

Home facelift

If you’ve been in the same home for a long time, it’s easy to start feeling like things are just not as nice as they once were. Spring is the perfect time for a little spruce up, and we’re not talking about a full-blown remodel. We’re talking a sort of quick pick-me-up to take your home from drab to fab with minimal effort and get you loving where you live again. Continue reading

pre-winter prep…
little projects for big green results

Winter Prep

Summer has come and gone and now, with cooler days approaching, is the perfect time to tackle a few home improvement projects. Why now? With mild weather, it’s no strain to keep your house open while you paint, saw and hammer. And if your project is outside, late summer and early fall usually provide ample sunny days with mild temperatures, perfect for getting those outdoor projects completed. Continue reading