Get With It: Shop Vintage


Classic cars, mid-century homes, 1970s fashion. What’s old often becomes new again, and much of what doesn’t come back around maintains its timeless style anyway. Going vintage should be a no brainer, especially when it comes to home décor. But style isn’t the only reason to shop vintage. Buying vintage is also good for the environment.

Every product you purchase has a footprint, some are large due to poor production processes and irresponsible materials and shipping methods. Others are greener, shipped responsibly like our Carbonfree shipping, and using sustainable, responsible materials and methods. But, the ultimate in green is to produce nothing new at all by reusing, repurposing, and upcycling old items into new.

The longer a product’s life lasts the more benefit is derived from its initial footprint. By purchasing vintage items you are protecting the needed materials from being harvested for a new one, you are eliminating the transport of materials and the final product all over the world, and you’re reducing the impact of production via emissions and pollution. That item has already made its impact, likely decades or even hundreds of years ago, and by giving it new life you are letting the price the planet paid to produce that product have more value.

Giving new life to an old item also prevents that item from ending up among the more than 250 million tons of trash the EPA reports in landfills each year. Limiting new additions to landfills is the only way to counteract their negative impacts on the planet and slow their growth.


While the planet gets plenty when you buy vintage, you get many benefits as well. Vintage items come with an air of mystery around them, adding their unique story to your home. Through the years those items have been touched by countless people, have been a part of homes and witnessed monumental events, both good and bad. They truly have a history all their own and by continuing their life, you get to add your chapter.