sunny and sustainable…
resurrecting the sunroom


As the weather gets cooler, the idea of a sunroom sounds better and better. Even if you don’t have the classic glass-enclosed sunroom, you can achieve the same open, airy feeling with a few tricks. Any sunny room with lots of windows and natural light will work. If you live in a more temperate climate, an enclosed porch can even be pressed into service as a sunroom. How can you make a sunroom work for modern life? Continue reading

welcome your guests in style…
chic and cozy guest bedroom

Sea Cliff Collection

Ah, the guest bedroom. That space that is often forgotten until it’s needed. For most of us, our guest bedrooms do double or even triple duty, also serving as a home office, craft room, or other functional space. Sometimes, the guest room becomes a sort of overflow storage area, completely forgotten about until the arrival of out of town guests. Continue reading