hiding imperfections…
create stunning style

Sure, we’d all love to live in a home that’s picture perfect, where everything looked good and there were no lists of things waiting to be fixed, smudges on the walls, or compromises made for time or cost. The truth is, even those picture-perfect magazine homes are rarely that perfect. They’ve been helped along by great styling and sometimes a little digital fix. Whether your less-than-perfect points are waiting for the big remodel, or are there because you’re a renter who can’t make permanent changes, these are times when a little bit of cosmetic distraction are the answer to hiding your home’s flaws. Continue reading

get in the mood…
lighting design for the room you’re in

Mood lighting

Good lighting can completely change the character of a room. Natural light may be the best thing going, but when the sun goes down, even the most sun-blessed room is no different than a basement. Gone are the days of ugly overheads, now we embrace task lighting, and more importantly, mood lighting. Determine how you want each room to feel, and design your lighting plan around that feeling. Continue reading