twinkling lights…
they’re not just for holidays

All those little twinkling lights. We deck our halls every holiday season, hanging them from branches and boughs, eaves and everywhere we can. They’re everywhere. And why not? They’re flexible, waterproof, easy to use, and if they’re LEDs, they’re long lasting and economical to run. What’s not to like? Aside from the fact that they get hauled out every year around Thanksgiving and then put away as soon as New Year’s is over. For just over a month, these little sparkling wonders light up our lives, and then they’re put into dark storage. But there are other ways to use them. You can bring that magic and sparkle to every day of the year.

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decorate with candlelight…
it makes everything gorgeous


Candlelight is like magic. The soft, flickering light is universally flattering and sets a mood that is almost irresistible. Candles bring subtle sparkle to any space, and they’re wonderful style chameleons as well – they can be glamorous and elegant, or rustic and homey. Choose natural beeswax candles, or those made from eco-friendly soy wax, and they’re an amazingly green choice that adds unbelievable drama to your home. Go ahead, decorate with candlelight!

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let the sunshine…
decorating with natural light

Natural light. Real estate listings tout the abundance of natural light in a home. Décor magazines are filled with advice to infuse your space with natural light. There are many reasons why natural light is considered such a good thing. If you have an abundance of sun-filled windows, you’ll see lower utility bills – most of the year.

Lots of sunlight means less need for artificial light, and helps heat your home in winter. The downside is, you might have a harder time cooling it in summer. Sunlight also helps stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is a natural mood elevator, increases skeletal health, and improves your skin and hormonal functions. Plus, you can’t beat the look of a room with sunlight streaming through it. Continue reading

dreaming of a sustainable summer… light up the night

Summer Night Light

We’re prepping for the season with a series of posts – Dreaming of a Sustainable Summer. C’mon in, the water’s fine and the living is green!

Summer days, drifting away… ah, summer nights. The warm, balmy air, gentle breezes and friends gathered on the deck, cold drinks in hand. Eventually, the sun goes down and darkness rolls in, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Sure, you could flip a switch and turn on the porch light – if you’re on the porch. But what if you’re out in the yard, or you want something with a little more… oh… romance? Pizzaz? Style? OK, you want something with a little more something. And hey, wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to plug it in? Because outdoor outlets are few and far between! Continue reading