a green home diet…
zapping energy guzzlers

eliminating energy guzzlers

This week, we’re talking about green home design from a whole new angle. We’ll always be about decorating smart with stylish and sustainable products, but we’re also about thinking holistically, and looking at the big picture. Do you have energy guzzlers in your home? Let’s find out!

Whether you’re building a new home, or remodeling existing construction, considering the environment and energy efficiency of your home is the way to go. Building a new home allows you to pick and choose exactly what green features you want to incorporate, and done right is a very smart option. However, remodeling goes a long way to conserving resources, reducing waste and carbon emissions. Eco-friendly is not just a passing fad or buzzword; it’s here to stay and for that, we’re glad! We’ve rounded up five big energy guzzlers to think about when it comes time to buy, build or remodel. Continue reading

watch your head…
decorating around a sloped ceiling

The charming attic bedroom, or the renovated bath tucked in among the eaves. They’re classic examples of using what space you have. Those charming spaces also tend to come with some unusual architectural features, the most challenging is the sloped ceiling. On the positive side, they can be cute and cozy, and may even include a skylight. On the negative, they can feel crowded and the lack of headroom on the sloped side can feel awkward at best. Instead of knocking out walls, or moving to a different home, embrace the ceiling and decorate around it. Continue reading

get in the mood…
lighting design for the room you’re in

Mood lighting

Good lighting can completely change the character of a room. Natural light may be the best thing going, but when the sun goes down, even the most sun-blessed room is no different than a basement. Gone are the days of ugly overheads, now we embrace task lighting, and more importantly, mood lighting. Determine how you want each room to feel, and design your lighting plan around that feeling. Continue reading

the ABCs of CFL and LED bulbs

Light bulb

The very first light bulb came into being sometime in the early 1800s, and no, it wasn’t invented by Thomas Edison; though Edison is the one who designed the biggest improvements in the early incandescent bulbs.

We’ve come a long way baby!

Through the years, the incandescent light bulb has been the standard. Early Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) were expensive and offered up unattractive light. These days, CFLs are affordable and come in a variety of light colors. But why do we care about light bulbs? This is where “eco” friendly means both the earth and our pocketbooks. Continue reading