drab to fab…
making a rental feel like home

Whether it’s your first real place after college, temporary digs after moving to a new city, or you just prefer renting to owning, looking at the plain white walls and expanse of blah design that dominates most rental apartments can be enough to make anyone feel like they’re living in the drab zone. But you don’t have to sacrifice personal style just because you signed a lease, not a mortgage. Rentals can feel  like a plain box that you can’t do anything to, but that’s not the case. Of course, check with your landlord or rental company before doing anything, and decide for yourself what level of work you’re willing to undertake when you move out. Continue reading

watch your head…
decorating around a sloped ceiling

The charming attic bedroom, or the renovated bath tucked in among the eaves. They’re classic examples of using what space you have. Those charming spaces also tend to come with some unusual architectural features, the most challenging is the sloped ceiling. On the positive side, they can be cute and cozy, and may even include a skylight. On the negative, they can feel crowded and the lack of headroom on the sloped side can feel awkward at best. Instead of knocking out walls, or moving to a different home, embrace the ceiling and decorate around it. Continue reading

who bought the chartreuse pillow…
dealing with décor challenges

Decor challenge

We usually focus on the positive here at Inspired Habitat, but every now and then, we all face a décor challenge. The paint color turns out to be a lot more orange than apricot, or that red silk pillow you loved just doesn’t go in your beach cottage décor. Or maybe you just moved into your dream home – well, not counting the circa-1980 tiles and horrid paint job. Maybe you’re in the midst of a remodel and the floors or tile are not quite ready for primetime yet. Life doesn’t always hand us a blank slate. Continue reading