the monarchs are coming…
building a butterfly way station

Monarchs Spring 2013

It happens every year right about this time. As winter comes to an end and the days get warmer and longer, the monarch butterflies begin to head north, looking for milkweed plants on which to lay their eggs before they die. As spring continues, the eggs will hatch, and eventually the caterpillars will metamorphose into the beautiful orange and black adults. These offspring will recolonize their parents’ original homes, and they’ll produce another generation of summer butterflies. Continue reading

migrating monarchs…
is your yard a butterfly sanctuary?


Every year it happens, thousands of monarch butterflies migrate southward in search of a more temperate climate. In northern latitudes, the migration may have already peaked, for people in the central and southern states, it’s just beginning, and if you’re in a warm southern climate, the monarchs in your area may not migrate at all. For those living west of the Rockies, the monarch population is heading to coastal California, and if you’re east of the Rockies, the butterflies are taking a longer trip to forests high in the mountains of Mexico. Continue reading