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At bambeco, we’re all about the little things. We believe that small steps can lead to big change. We’re also all about the good life. We believe that stylish and sustainable not only can work together, they should work together. And it’s not just a corporate thing, our team members are some of our best (and most particular) customers!

We’re continuing our Faces of Bambeco series – today, we’d like to introduce Maria, a member of our Creative Design team. When we asked Maria about her favorite bambeco product, she went straight to our reclaimed metal signs. As a designer, Maria looks beyond functionality and seeks a high level of craftsmanship and originality in the pieces that she chooses. The reclaimed metal signs are the perfect answer to her designer’s point of view.

Name: Maria

Favorite bambeco product: Eat, Drink & Be Merry Recycled Metal Sign

Why: So many of our products are made from interesting, reclaimed materials like bicycle chains or wood from old barns. But for me, the Eat Drink & Be Merry Recycled Metal Sign really stands out. Our reclaimed metal signs are made by an artist in New Orleans. Taking inspiration from the rich history of the area, the artist takes reclaimed steel and transforms would-be trash into home décor treasure that evokes the corner store, old-time gas stations, and cool roadside diners.

We even got our customers involved in the creative process for this one! We posted a poll on our Facebook page, and let them choose from three of our favorite sayings. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

How does it fit in your life: Perfect for households that love to entertain, our creative endeavor now graces the dining room, party room and pool house walls of families across the country. I know one party room in South Louisiana (I hope my sister-in-law isn’t reading this, or I just spoiled the surprise.) that will be getting one very soon!

What’s your favorite green feature about this product: I love that we’re supporting an artist from my neck of the woods. But I also love anytime we can save more junk from heading to the landfill. It’s staggering to think that American’s throw away 1.35 billion pounds of trash every year! I know a few scraps of metal salvaged doesn’t make a huge dent in the problem, but I’m encouraged by the Chinese proverb that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


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