Catch of the Day: Plastic?

Beach Pollution

There is plastic in our oceans, and it’s getting worse each year. Join the Ocean Conservancy and sign their petition to encourage the American Chemistry Council—representatives of some of the biggest plastic producers—to work on sustainable solutions before it’s too late.

According to Ocean Conservancy, a recent study in Science journal measured somewhere between 10 and 28 BILLION pounds of plastic entering the oceans each year. At that rate, within the next decade the oceans will include 1 pound of plastic for every 3 pounds of fish! The Natural Resources Defense Council notes that 80% of all marine litter comes from land, most of it plastic, so we are the main source of this problem. There is even a huge mass of plastic and other debris floating in the Pacific Ocean. Its actual size has yet to be accurately measured. So how do we remedy the situation and reverse the damage that’s already been done?

Save Oceans

The NRDC and Ocean Conservancy agree that holding producers of plastics responsible is a huge step towards controlling the problem. By forcing the makers of plastic to make their products easier to recycle and more completely recyclable, it will become easier to stop the debris from reaching the seas. The NRDC also hopes to see these corporations foot the bill for some of the cleanup and efforts to keep the plastics out of the environment.

Personally, you can make a difference as well. Choose reusable bottles and bags instead of plastic and eliminate the material from your life wherever possible. When you do purchase plastic, buy plastic made from recycled plastic so you’re part of the successful cycle. It should also go without saying that recycling your plastics will keep them from reaching waterways.

In addition to making these adjustments in your every day life, your support will only further emphasize the importance of the Ocean Conservancy’s cause and their efforts. Make your voice heard by signing their petition and help them take a major step towards cleaner seas for all of us.

To sign the Ocean Conservancy’s petition click here.

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