with this rock…
a penguin love story

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We all know that a penguin is an aquatic, flightless bird that lives primarily in the Southern Hemisphere, mostly in Antarctica. The Emperor Penguin is by far the largest penguin in the world, and the only one to actually breed in the harsh winter of Antarctica. An emperor penguin can dive up to 1,750 feet below the surface and stay submerged for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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what’s your favorite?

We love this outdoor swing bed . We think it would look amazing dressed with a cozy throw.

Big surprise, we love Pinterest! We love seeing so many inspiring images of nature, people being active outdoors, furry friends, and of course, fabulous home décor. We love pinning our favorite images to share with followers, and we really love it when our favorite picks get repined. Really, we’re just like all the other Pinterest lovers out there! Every now and then, we take a step back and review our boards. Sometimes, that means we clean them up a little. Sometimes, it means we reorganize. And sometimes, like now, we’re reminded of some of our favorite images, and we just want to share them. Take a look at our Pinterest boards and you’ll see inspiration for entertainment, outdoor living, bringing the outside in, and so much more! Continue reading