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the wonderful world of olive oil


Olive oil, it’s long been the darling child of the kitchen, and for good reason. This heart-healthy oil is not only delicious, it’s a good-for-you fat as well. Good quality, organic olive oil should be a staple in every sustainable kitchen. Why? Sustainably-managed olive groves are preserving generations-old farming techniques, and encouraging more and more industries to switch to organic growing methods. Besides, nothing beats the flavor of well-crafted, organic, extra-virgin olive oil. Continue reading

liquid gold…
quality olive oil

Olive Tree

Along the eastern side of Italy and Sicily are a series of olive groves where trees are lovingly tended following old traditions. These groves were “organic” before the rest of the world knew what the term meant, producing pure, natural, high-quality olive oil. No pesticides. No preservatives. No artificial anything. The resulting olive oil is nothing less than sublime. It’s packed into tins to preserve freshness, protect it from sunlight and reduce shipping weight.

When grocery store shelves are brimming with olive oils, what makes these so special? Continue reading

The green table…
dinner time

Fall entertaining! From football parties to holiday galas, it’s that time of year! What better time to update your table with more eco-friendly tablewares that are as gorgeous as they are green. Earlier this week, we covered the behind the scenes prep so today we’re taking the tabletop green. With the right pieces, you can achieve a mix and match style that will take you from summer barbecues to fall football with ease and style. Here are some of our tabletop favorites.

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