talking turkey…
is heritage worth it?


Every year it happens. The annual holiday bonanza that begins around Halloween and continues throughout New Year’s Day is filled with parties, celebrations, lots of friends and family, and of course food. And of course, the star of the average American holiday meal is the turkey. Though we’re all used to making wise choices when it comes to purchasing groceries—we seek out locally-grown, or organic products and we’re willing to pay a bit more for them—when it comes to the turkey, eyebrows get raised. Before you bring out the serving platter, make your choice of the right bird for your family. Continue reading

the mythology of green…
taking the green path

Green Mythology

Green, green, green! Everywhere you turn, you’re encouraged to go green, and while we love the idea, we’re also aware that with great popularity comes a whole boatload of myths and misunderstandings. The image of a green life as expensive, extreme, and less stylish still persists. Is there anything to all this green mythology? We don’t think so! Continue reading