Think Local When You Plant


The sun is shining and spring is here. But your yard is still recovering from its winter hibernation. It’s time for a refresh. As you plan out your new garden, think local and go with plants and flowers native to your region. The planet and your local wildlife will thank you with your best backyard yet.

Using plants and flowers that developed to live where you live will give you an easy, low maintenance garden. According to the California Native Plant Society, because these plants have all adapted to the climate, other plants, wildlife, and weather of your region they will require less water and less time. They can even potentially be grown without fertilizers or pesticides since they have developed their own defenses against natural threats of the area. No fertilizer or pesticides means no pollutants entering waterways


Native vegetation will also require little to no mowing, which not only frees up your weekends but will also improve air quality thanks to the pollutants removed from the air that come from lawn mowers and trimmers. Native plants also defend against invasive species, which will further reduce yard work and maintain the natural beauty of your local landscape.

Another added perk is the wildlife drawn to your yard by these flowers. Birds, insects, butterflies, and other plants that live in your area rely on these local species for survival so they will be drawn to your yard, making for prime wildlife viewing.

To find out which plants are native to your region the USDA Forest Service provides a list of Native Plant Societies. These local organizations can guide you on which plants and flowers will thrive in your yard, and when and how to plant each one.