are you ready for spring…
time to get organized

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Spring is the perfect time to clear out and organize everything from home to office. No groaning allowed, we’re not talking about an all-out marathon of cleaning to a level you’ve never cleaned to before. Nope. We’re talking about keeping it fun, and most of all stylish and sustainable. We’re talking about streamlining things to make every day living easier, and better. Continue reading

styling clutter…
organized chaos

Clutter… no one really likes the word; the trouble is, everyone has their own idea of what clutter is. We all have our own spot on the clutter continuum; anything too far off from our comfort zone will not only be annoying, but it will make our spaces feel more stressful and we’ll be less productive. Right now, all the organized people are nodding and saying “That’s right!” Meanwhile, those who function well amidst their clutter are confused; they like organized chaos. And that’s OK too. So how do you achieve the organized part, especially in an office space where organization and productivity are expected? Continue reading

closets and cupboards

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Start talking about organizing closets and most folks turn to things like clothes and coat closets, but we have something a little more challenging in mind. We’re talking closets and cupboards that are underneath. It’s fairly easy to organize a closet that’s essentially a box, but those spaces under the stairs, or under our sinks make it a little more difficult. Often, these spaces are out of the way, oddly shaped, or have other built-in obstacles, so they simply become a messy catchall. With a few simple tips and tricks, these places can go from scary to streamlined. Continue reading

the clutter continuum…
finding your place;
clearing your space

Clutter Continuum

A new year, and new beginnings. A clean new slate. But what’s all that stuff getting in the way of your new, green life? It’s clutter. Just what defines “clutter” is a very individual thing. When does a collection cross the line into a mess? How many pillows are too many? We all have our clutter comfort levels, and that impacts our décor choices. Continue reading