unwanted visitors…
a mouse in the house

unwanted visitors

Eek! A mouse! We all know the rule, if you’ve seen one, there are more. And while no one like to think about mice, the fact is, they happen. Whether you’re in a city apartment or a rural farmhouse doesn’t matter. Short of spreading around a lot of very bad for you and the environment poison, what can you do? Oh, lots! We’re not talking poison or traps, those are hot topics and we recognize that everyone has strong feelings on live traps versus kill traps. Instead, we’re focusing on making your environment less welcoming to unwanted furry visitors. Continue reading

unwanted visitors…
a quick green guide to pest control

Pest Control

Eek! Ants! Dealing with unwanted critters is never a pretty subject and when you add in all the chemicals it becomes downright icky and very not green. In the garden, often the answer to an unwanted pest is the addition of a beneficial insect, but most of us just don’t want to introduce bugs of any sort into our homes, no matter how beneficial they may be. If your home is older, or in certain parts of the country, bugs may be a fact of life. There are some less toxic steps you can take to reduce, and even eliminate, most buggy visitors that fall into the annoying category. Continue reading