the many shades of white…
all white décor that works

all white decor

Color trends come and go, but white is classic, timeless. White works in any room, with any décor style and it goes with just about anything. White is a very accommodating color. If all white decor seems boring, think again. White works best when different tones and shades of white are mixed, so what looks monochromatic isn’t really. Which shades of white you use will depend on your personal preference, as well as the kind of light that comes into the room. A few ways to make white work: Continue reading

get the shot…
home photography tips

You’ve just set your table for dinner; everything’s hot, stylish, and sustainable. Quick! Grab your smartphone and get a pic to post. Whether we’re showcasing our homes on social networking sites, or putting our house on the market, we’re in love with taking photos of our lives. Maybe you want to document that great DIY or renovation project, or show some great before and afters of your living room redecoration plans. If you’ve ever snapped a few pics and wondered how magazines and décor sites get those fabulous images, we’ve got some tips to help improve your home photography skills. And you don’t even need to know your f-stop from your shutter speed. Continue reading