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Ah, Pinterest… so many pretty pictures! We’re just like everyone else, we have a love affair with looking at and pinning all the pretty and inspirational pictures of home decor, nature, and cute furry friends. Of course, we also like sharing our favorite bambeco products, and Inspired Habitat posts with other pinners. And every now and then, we like to take a look and see what people are talking about. So here it is, our Top Ten Pins list. These are the pins that people are talking about – repinning, liking, sharing, and clicking on.

What are your favorites?

masculine decor – taking it to the bedroom

turning plastic into pretty… gorgeous outdoor rugs with a story to tell

19th Century Reclaimed Wood iPad and Cookbook Holder

Confetti Recycled Glassware Collection

Bottle Lantern made from re-purposed beer bottles washed with an irregular antique silver finish

making an unused fireplace pretty and practical

solar tea lanterns

big sur hummingbird feeder

reclaimed wine bottle chives grow kit – demi

eco picnic basket for two










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what’s your favorite?

We love this outdoor swing bed . We think it would look amazing dressed with a cozy throw.

Big surprise, we love Pinterest! We love seeing so many inspiring images of nature, people being active outdoors, furry friends, and of course, fabulous home décor. We love pinning our favorite images to share with followers, and we really love it when our favorite picks get repined. Really, we’re just like all the other Pinterest lovers out there! Every now and then, we take a step back and review our boards. Sometimes, that means we clean them up a little. Sometimes, it means we reorganize. And sometimes, like now, we’re reminded of some of our favorite images, and we just want to share them. Take a look at our Pinterest boards and you’ll see inspiration for entertainment, outdoor living, bringing the outside in, and so much more! Continue reading

design inspiration…
putting google to work for you

We’ve talked using Pinterest to create a personal design inspiration board and there are literally dozens of sites that allow you to create your own “room” full of images you love. You’ve got a good eye, you love browsing design blogs, but boy is it time consuming! Wanna speed things up a bit? We discovered a neat little trick and we’d like to share it. Continue reading

dreaming of a sustainable summer… patio prep

Patio Prep

We’re prepping for the season with a series of posts – Dreaming of a Sustainable Summer. C’mon in, the water’s fine and the living is green!

Memorial Day is almost upon us, that means the official start of the summer season. It’s time for backyard barbecues, pool parties and dining on the terrace. Is your outdoor space ready? Continue reading

keeping track of what you love

Go ahead, create an outdoor “room” to enjoy the beautiful weather! Don’t forget to light it up for parties that go on into the night.

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Inspiration! It’s the heart of any decorating project, whether you’re just updating your space, doing a complete overhaul or starting from scratch. That vision you have of your dream home, the picture of your perfect room, they keep us focused and help guide our decisions in the design and décor process. In years past, getting inspiring images meant clipping out magazine pages, and later, saving digital images into a file on your computer. Now, you can easily collect, save and access your inspirational images from any digital device. Oh yes, we love Pinterest!

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