perfect produce…
keeping it fresh

Fresh Produce

You’ve got a basket full of produce fresh from the local farmer’s market. Sure, that pretty bowl full of fruit looks great, but you want to prep and store that produce to keep it at its peak as long as possible so you can eat it instead of composting it after it’s gotten too ripe. We’ve got a few tips for keeping things fresh and tasty. Continue reading

what’s the buzz…
beating fruit flies

Fruit Flies

Ah spring and summer. The weather is warmer and the farmer’s markets are filled with the freshest produce! At home, the counters are brimming with fresh fruits in pretty bowls, ready for snacking. But what’s that annoying thing flying around? The pesky little things buzzing around your kitchen are probably fruit flies. They love delicious, ripe produce and the female fly can lay 500 eggs during her weeklong lifespan, which is why they can multiple so fast.

As annoying as they are, the fact is, they’re a part of life when it comes to fresh produce. There are a few things you can do to reduce the number of fruit flies in your home, and none of them involve noxious chemical warfare. Continue reading