new for spring…

Spring has sprung and there are dozens of new items perfect for transforming your home into a green oasis! Here are just a few of our favorites:

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what’s your favorite style?

What’s your style? We’re all so used to seeing decorating styles defined. There’s traditional, contemporary, midcentury modern, modern, transitional, eclectic, southwestern, arts and crafts, and the list goes on. While we tend to avoid putting our style in a box (which puts us firmly in the eclectic category), we do know that a little definition can make decorating so much easier. We’ve gathered a few pieces to create three of our favorite looks—feelings really. Your décor style is as much about creating a mood as it about creating a look. Ready? Here we go! Continue reading

embracing nature… an organic approach

We love the natural, organic appeal of bringing a little of nature indoors. We love the blurring of the lines, the unique aesthetic, and the sense of beauty and harmony it creates. You don’t have to create an indoor oasis, even the smallest touches can help bring the beauty nature into your interiors. It can be as simple as organic bedding, adding a bubbling fountain to your home office, or displaying a few river stones in a glass hurricane. The trick is to bring a bit of nature into every space of your home, and to embrace it. Continue reading

great green gift ideas…
something for everyone on your list

Gifts for everyone

Ah, the holidays! It’s a time for parties, celebrations, family and friends. When it comes to gifts, whether for the family holidays or the office gift exchange, forget the generic standards and reach for something a little different. Choose gifts that are unique and suit the recipient. Bonus points if they’re also good for the planet. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites that will make the recipient feel special. Continue reading

mixed metaphors…
modern rustic design

Modern Rustic

The latest trend in home décor is a sort of mixed metaphor that combines rustic elements with modern lines and sensibilities. It’s a super flexible look that can go city elegant or country charm and everything in between. It’s also perfectly suited for all things green. Modern rustic styling means reclaimed and repurposed materials are right at home and can be incorporated to fit any décor. The look is easy and relaxed, and even in its most sophisticated interpretations; it still sports a casual, inviting vibe.

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