recycle right…
five tips for better recycling

Here at Inspired Habitat, we’re all about a fresh new look on a whole-life approach to living green. We’re more about looking forward to what we can do to change the world of the future rather than looking back at what’s been done to the planet in the past. We’re all about being real, not radical. And we’re always learning, changing, and moving forward with an eye on tomorrow. With Earth Day approaching, we figured it was time to talk recycling again. Continue reading

a tale of recycled glass…
art in the making

Glassware Image

Glass is perhaps the perfectly sustainable material. It’s made from raw, naturally-occurring material, is easy and convenient to recycle, and can be recycled over and over again. What’s more, the recycling and reusing process can be easily modified to be environmentally sound. Sometimes, not surprisingly, older, almost forgotten methods and techniques that rely on skilled craftsmen instead of modern machinery and chemicals, are also the best for the environment. These pieces of handblown glassware combine art with practicality in a whole new way. Continue reading

turning plastic into pretty…
gorgeous outdoor rugs with a story to tell

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Summer is over and it’s time to start putting away the outdoor furniture. Or is it? Before you cover the lounge chair and roll up the outdoor area rug, take a good look at them. Is the furniture a solid, weather-resistant wood like teak? Or is it made from all-weather recycled HDPE? If so, don’t cover it up yet! How about that rug? If it’s made from recycled plastics, it’s still good to go as well.

Wait… a rug that will stand up to cold and wet? But what about mud and leaves and all that fall and early winter stuff? Put the right rug down, and you won’t have to worry about any of it. Rugs woven from recycled polypropylene are surprisingly durable, waterproof and entirely washable. The colors won’t fade, the “fabric” won’t crack, and they won’t even cause mold or mildew on your deck. And since they’re woven, they look and feel amazing. So what’s the story with these rugs? Where do they come from?

Several years ago, a rug maker stumbled across some vintage looms, forgotten and idle. They followed patterns from punch cards, like old player pianos—a little prehistoric by today’s standards! The rug maker was also looking for ways to incorporate recycled materials into their product, and these looms were the start of an idea!

What if they took recycled materials—like plastics from soda and water bottles—and wove them into classic, traditional patterns on these vintage looms?

The process began. The search was on for the right type of recycled materials—it had to be the highest quality, completely safe and nontoxic for people and pets. Safe coloring and conditioners had to be found to create vibrant patterns and a soft feel, as well as UV protection to keep them from fading. The final design had to be completely care-free—just hose off and go, no worries about fading, staining, or trapped moisture.

Once all that was found, then came the fun part. Handcrafting the rugs on the vintage looms. Each rug would be a work of art. Sure, that meant there might be some variations and tiny imperfections, but that’s the difference between handcrafted quality and mass-produced products. The work environment had to be fair trade and environmentally sound. This was about true sustainability—good for people and the planet.

The result of all this hard work, thought and supportive environment? Beautifully crafted area rugs made from materials that were landfill bound.

That’s the story of our recycled plastic outdoor rugs. So go ahead, enjoy your deck or patio another season! We’re happy to be a part of it.

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Easy, breezy and green…
keeping green living simple and sustainable

Green living

Green living doesn’t have to be hard. We’d never suggest that anyone clean out their house and replace everything all at once with sustainably-made furniture and accessories. While that sounds like a great idea on the surface, the fact is, it’s not really very green. We’re more about an incremental approach. When the time comes to update your décor, replace the towels, or get a new couch, that’s the time to shop green. It’s simply moving forward with the environment in mind. It can be easy, and it can be fun, and most of all, it can be stylish, too. Here are some quick, easy ways to inject a little green into your life! Continue reading

Think big…
oversize recycled glass vases

 oversize recycled glass vases

Love the look of those oversize, recycled glass vases you see gracing design and décor sites? The only trouble is, it can be hard to know just what to do with them. They’re gorgeous, make a stunning statement and they’re, well, they’re big! If you’ve ever looked at them and thought, “Nice, but not in my place!” then please keep reading! Continue reading