10 picks for a planet-friendly fourth

Independence Day is right around the corner, and while no one is going to pretend that fireworks are very eco-friendly (though many companies are moving to greener techniques – in 2004, Disney patented an air-launch system that they’ve since opened up to other companies), it’s still a time of celebration and fun. We’ve gathered up some ideas for making your celebration green (or at least greener).

Hit up the farmer’s market for your goodies and fill your menu with locally-grown, organic produce and meats. Want a delicious dessert? Try grilling peaches. Yum!

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a little green-spiration…
what’s your reason for going green?

Why Green

The green movement has become so common place, so mainstream that sometimes we fail to stop and think about why we go green. It’s just the thing we do. In truth, the reasons are endless – from protecting yourself and your family from harmful additives, chemicals and preservatives to preserving the planet and environment for future generations, or even just a love of animals or nature. Whatever the reasons, everything we do has an impact on our world; we don’t like to get preachy, but sometimes it’s important to remember why we think real sustainability is so important. It’s also why we believe in small steps – even little things can have big impact. Continue reading

10 easy green changes…
taking the plunge the easy way

10 easy green

Going green is getting easier and easier. But if you’re just starting out, it can seem a little overwhelming. Rather than trying to make a whole lifestyle switch, start small, making one little change at a time and repeating it until it becomes habit. A great place to begin is in the kitchen, there are lots of little changes to be made there. Where to start? How about any one (or two) of these ideas. Continue reading

10 tips to reduce waste…
throwing less away

reduce Waste

Our landfills are filling at rates faster than any of us care to think, and sadly, trash floating in the oceans and waterways is becoming an even bigger problem. Reducing waste is high on everyone’s priority list, and we’re all familiar with giving up our plastic grocery bags in favor of reusable ones. Continue reading

every day is Earth Day!

Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! And we’re celebrating!

Earth Day is extra special to us because it’s our anniversary! To celebrate, we gave away a pair Adirondack Chairs and matching Ottomans, it’s on our Facebook page, check it out! Then go take a look at what else is new and cool around here.

Since the first Earth Day was held in 1970, it’s gone from a nationwide petition to put environmental issues on the political agenda into a globally celebrated annual event to raise awareness and participation in environmental causes. How can you be part of the Billion Acts of Green? We’ve got some ideas, and they’re simple!

  • Plant a tree – in your yard, or as part of a community restoration project. It’s fun and good for the planet!
  • Attract wildlife – plant flowers that attract butterflies and birds, use beneficial bugs instead of pesticides to make a healthier garden and put out hummingbird feeders and seed feeders.
  • Step up your recycling – visit a local recycling center and find out what you can do to improve your recycling prowess.
  • Switch to CFL bulbs, and if you’ve already done that, consider LED bulbs. Both burn cooloer, longer and with less energy use than incandescents.
  • Plant a veggie garden – it’s the perfect time to get growing. Consider raised beds, containers or even a rooftop garden if you lack yard space.
  • Compost – if you’ve got any yard at all, you’ll cherish the end result, and even if you don’t, many community garden centers will happily take it off your hands. And it keeps food scraps out of the landfills!
  • Carry a trash bag – any time you go to a local park, beach or outdoor space, bring along a small trash bag and pick up whatever you can. Litter detracts from the natural beauty and it’s bad for the environment and wildlife.
  • Lend a hand – look around for a local group that’s doing something positive and get involved. Help clean up a stream, plant some trees, work in a garden center, volunteer at a shelter, whatever sounds awesome to you.
  • Go meatless – take the Meatless Monday challenge, and take steps to transform the rest of your week into healthy, organic, locally-grown meals as much as possible. You’ll be surprised at how much better seasonal tastes!




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