raise a recycled glass…


You look across the table and there it is. Friendship reflected in the faces of those who know who you really are.
This is what toasts are made of

When you raise a glass what is it you’ll have to say?
Cheers to time spent with those you love? Or to a summertime dip in a mountain springs?

What matters most, to most of us it seems, is making real connection with people and our planet…and sometimes not necessarily in that order.

For those of us at bambeco, what matters is not only embodied in the toast but in the glass you hold in your hand.
Once soda bottles destined for a landfill, now sparkling containers of your favorite bubbly or beer and messages of honor, recognition, and goodwill.

Glassware 1

Each glass a connection—to the planet, to people. A tie to the past, to history, to tradition.
Techniques perfected over the last 450 years and handed down from generation to generation—tradition… skill… art.

An entire community impacted for good—from those who gather the thousands of soda bottles delivered weekly to the factory, to the artisans within who create each masterpiece.
For these artisans, sustainability isn’t simply a word, but a way of living.

Whether raising pint or margarita, tumbler, or goblet we celebrate the essential dependencies between people and place.

Respecting the planet, while also revering people.
Discovering treasures redeemed in the discarded.
Seeing beauty in the simplest, most mundane places…

Transforming trash into treasure is proof that the artisan believes in what is possible and sees the intrinsic beauty in all things.

Once soda bottles now glistening moments of celebration at your table. A perfect toast. A reason to celebrate. To raise a recycled glass to what really matters.

Each glass is a unique expression. Each piece represents a face… a life… a story…
And just like us… each is one of a kind.

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Learn more about the artisans who create our stunning glassware!



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