take an eco-friendly bath…
building and decorating green


Whether you are tackling a full bathroom renovation or just want a quick, cosmetic update, it’s easy to make your space just a bit greener with a little thought and planning. A few minor changes can reduce the carbon footprint of the renovation itself, lower water usage in day-to-day life and make the space much more eco-friendly.

Tackling a renovation? Look into sustainable flooring options and do the same for wall tiles, counter tops and tub and shower surrounds. Install ultra-low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads and sink taps. Salvage whatever materials you can and consider purchasing recycled or salvaged vanities, cupboards, countertops and any other fixtures. You’ll save money and reduce the footprint of your reno. Whenever possible, opt for organic materials over synthetic and when it comes to paint and adhesives, opt for ones with low- to no-VOCs (and check back tomorrow for the facts on low-VOC products!) Continue reading