the compost files…
gardener’s gold


Composting is one of the fastest, greenest ways of dealing with kitchen, garden, and yard scraps and trimmings. Instead of throwing all those little green bits away, they’re transformed into something incredibly useful and healthy. Composting is easy, even in smaller spaces, and you can make it a DIY project, or buy a premade bin specifically for compost. Continue reading

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doing something with that tree

Christmas Tree Compost

Christmas is almost here, and it’s that time again. The time when anyone who opted for a real tree starts looking at it and wondering “just what am I going to do after the holidays?” It’s enough to make anyone miss out on some holiday joy, but no more. We’ve got a collection of eco-friendly ways to deal with your tree. We can’t help you with the actual work, sorry!

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it’s more than a morning pick-me-up


Coffee, for many of us, it’s an early-morning necessity. No matter how you make it, however, you’ve got grounds to deal with. If you’re a multi-cup a day person, or have multiple coffee drinkers in your house, that can up to a lot of brown gritty stuff. Throwing it in the trash is a bad idea, as an organic item, it will just add to methane emissions in a landfill. Composting your grounds is perhaps the best option, but did you know there are all sorts of other, eco-friendly uses for coffee grounds? Continue reading