home for the holidays…
creating atmosphere


You’ve cleaned your guest room, stocked up on linens, planned out the menu and even tackled the table. Getting a jump on all the prep well before the annual holiday family invasion begins is a great way to ensure things go smoothly and with as little stress and hassle as possible. Now that you’ve got your space all spruced up, there’s one more thing to think about before guests start arriving, and that’s atmosphere.

You’ve decorated and dressed, cleaned and organized, primped, primed, and prepped everything you possible could, what else can there be? Creating the right atmosphere seems like a small thing, but in reality, it’s that finishing touch that ties it all together. After spending so much time and effort on everything else, you don’t want it to all fall apart for lack of a scented candle.

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decorate with candlelight…
it makes everything gorgeous


Candlelight is like magic. The soft, flickering light is universally flattering and sets a mood that is almost irresistible. Candles bring subtle sparkle to any space, and they’re wonderful style chameleons as well – they can be glamorous and elegant, or rustic and homey. Choose natural beeswax candles, or those made from eco-friendly soy wax, and they’re an amazingly green choice that adds unbelievable drama to your home. Go ahead, decorate with candlelight!

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better to light a candle…
comparing waxes

Jackson Pillar

From a candlelit dinner to the flicker of flames on a birthday cake, candles create an unmistakable ambiance that electric light just can’t replace. Unfortunately, most modern candles are made with paraffin – it’s readily available, relatively inexpensive and easy to color and scent. It’s also a petroleum product and recent studies show that burning paraffin candles releases a variety of toxins, including the carcinogens benzene and toluene, which can lead to breathing disorders, headaches and other not-so-fun health issues. Plus, since it’s petroleum based, it’s not great for the environment. Continue reading