sweet dreams for small spaces…
big impact in little bedrooms

Even larger homes can sometimes have small bedrooms, and with the trend to building smaller, bedrooms have shrunk even more. Just getting a bed into some of the more diminutive spaces can seem like a challenge, but small bedrooms can be charming and very restful. All it takes is a few tricks.

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small is beautiful…
illusions of grandeur

small is beautiful

Whether you’ve embraced the tiny home trend, or simply have a room whose dimensions are less than king-sized, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to making rooms feel bigger than they are. Cramped quarters shouldn’t cramp your style. We’ve got eight easy tricks that mostly rely on a little illusion to make even the smallest spaces feel grand. Continue reading

loft living…
sustainable style

Loft Living


The loft life… who hasn’t dreamed of living in a wide-open space with beautiful architectural details, high ceilings, huge windows and a long history? Lofts and studios are becoming more and more common and can make for an amazingly green living space. A renovated building in a well-developed urban environment is an ideal situation for many professionals. Whether large or small, lofts and studios share some surprising challenges; the biggest tends to be storage. We’ve got some tips for successfully, and sustainably, making a functional, and beautiful loft living space. Continue reading

drab to fab…
making a rental feel like home

Whether it’s your first real place after college, temporary digs after moving to a new city, or you just prefer renting to owning, looking at the plain white walls and expanse of blah design that dominates most rental apartments can be enough to make anyone feel like they’re living in the drab zone. But you don’t have to sacrifice personal style just because you signed a lease, not a mortgage. Rentals can feel  like a plain box that you can’t do anything to, but that’s not the case. Of course, check with your landlord or rental company before doing anything, and decide for yourself what level of work you’re willing to undertake when you move out. Continue reading

hall pass…
what to do with that long, dark space

Hallways… they connect rooms, sometimes they’re an entrance, maybe they’re that slightly awkward space in a stairwell. Whether practical or awkward, halls often present design dilemmas. What do you do with that narrow space?

The answer is, it depends. If you’ve got a wide hall that has extra space, like on a stair landing, you can create a small reading nook. If you’ve got a long, narrow hall lined with doors, you can’t add seating, but you can certainly add bookshelves, or create a photo gallery. We’ve got some decorating tips, tricks and ideas to help create a hallway that’s just as wonderful and welcoming as the rest of your home. Pick your favorites! Continue reading