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jazzing up your stairs


If you look at your staircase as simply a method of getting from one floor to another, it might be time to take a second look. We spend so much time and effort designing and decorating the rest of our homes, but the staircase is often overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’ve got a narrow, confined stairwell, or a big, bright and open one, there are some simple ways to add color and visual interest and transform them into more than a simple stairway to somewhere. Continue reading

loft living…
sustainable style

Loft Living


The loft life… who hasn’t dreamed of living in a wide-open space with beautiful architectural details, high ceilings, huge windows and a long history? Lofts and studios are becoming more and more common and can make for an amazingly green living space. A renovated building in a well-developed urban environment is an ideal situation for many professionals. Whether large or small, lofts and studios share some surprising challenges; the biggest tends to be storage. We’ve got some tips for successfully, and sustainably, making a functional, and beautiful loft living space. Continue reading