summer sleep…
making your bed for a cool night


Summertime and the livin’ is… warm. By the time July rolls around, most of us have swapped out our winter bedding in favor of lighter covers. Sure, that could be as simple as putting away the heavy duvet and wool blankets, but we still want our summer bedding to feel as rich and luxurious as it did all winter long. We just want it to be cooler.

Take the chance to do a little summer swap. Pack up the dark colors and heavy fabrics until cooler weather returns. Instead top your bed with a lightweight cotton or linen blanket (for the occasional chilly summer night). While you’re at it, change out to all-cotton percale or jersey sheets for a cooler night’s sleep. Continue reading

summer refresher…
a bright new look

Hot, sultry days, bright blue skies, longer days and warm nights. Ah, it’s summer, time to get ready for life outside. In all that outdoor décor, it’s easy to overlook your interiors. Summer is the perfect time for a little summer refresher inside. Ditch those darks and embrace the warmth and light of the sun. Continue reading

summer sips…
serve ‘em up in sustainable style


You’ve prepped your patio, talked to all your friends and family and even planned all the beach trips and other summer fun. Whew! That’s a lot of work; what’s left? Summer days are hot and summer nights are sultry; whether just sitting in the sun or swimming in the pool, folks get thirsty. Make sure you’re ready to quench the clamoring hoards in sustainable style.

Continue reading

summer lovin’…
8 easy tips to outdoor living


The first official day of summer is almost here, if you haven’t perked up your patio yet, it’s time to get busy! ‘Tis the season for summer grilling, outdoor parties, and al fresco fiestas. Sweep off all the pollen, clean off the furniture, fix what needs fixing, and get ready for some fun in the sun and shade. The lazy days of summer are upon us, enjoy! Continue reading

summarize your home décor…
hot ideas for a cool summer

Summer Home

Are you ready for summer? More importantly, is your home ready for summer? We’ve got some quick tips for making sure your home is summer ready.

Lighten up

Mix in some light, breezy fabrics like gauze and linen to give a more relaxed, airy feel and help things keep cool on hot, sticky days. Swap out winter’s dark colors and heavy fabrics for lighter, brighter tablecloths, rugs, and even bedding for an instant summer make over. Continue reading