preserving your bounty…
keep fruits and veggies fresh… longer

Preserve Veggies

As the bounty of summer dies down, it’s time to enjoy the last of the season’s fresh fruits and veggies before moving into fall produce. Most of us don’t have time for daily visits to the grocer and the farmer’s market is only once a week, so how do you keep your fresh produce as fresh as can be? Continue reading

beat the heat with your pet…
cold treats to help them chill out

Cool Pet

When temperatures soar, we humans reach for something cold to help us chill out. Make sure you treat your furry friends to something cool as well. Unless your pets live 24/7 in air-conditioned bliss, the heat is on for them as well, and they’ll appreciate some chilly relief. If you turn the thermostat higher during the day while you’re away, make sure to provide heat relief for your at-home pets. Continue reading

just peaches…
a taste of summer abundance


It’s high summer at the farmer’s market and the peaches are out in abundance. There are only so many peaches you can eat out of hand, but fortunately, they’re an easy fruit to hold on to. When you’re all done making peach crisps and cobblers, and you’ve even tried your hand at a peach-mango curry, and you’ve still got peaches, what do you do?

You capture the essence of summer to enjoy later in the year, of course! Continue reading

the delights of summer…
sangria secrets

SangriaWant to spruce up your summertime entertaining in a delightful and delicious way? Master the art of sangria. If you’ve never tried really well made sangria, you’re in for a treat. The refreshing concoction of wine and fruit has become a summertime staple. Even better – it’s a great way to use up that opened bottle of wine and last week’s farmer’s market fruit.

Sangria tastes best when it sits for a day before serving to allow the flavors to mingle. You can make classic red, sweet rose or a crisp white sangria – either way, the mix of wine and fruit is beautiful in a clear glass pitcher. Unlike straight wine, sangria should be served icy cold – you can strain the ice out as they would in Spain, or follow the American tradition of allowing the ice to fall into the glass.

A pitcher of sangria just says “party” in a simple, elegant way. And it’s no wonder, the classic beverage is super simple to make. There are literally hundreds of recipes for sangria ranging from classic to wild interpretations. Continue reading

beat the heat…
without turning up the AC


Temperatures are soaring in many parts of the country; there’s no doubt about it, summer has arrived and it’s a scorcher! We started looking for some eco-friendly ways to beat the heat and keep our cool. Cranking the AC down to chill things off is not only hard on the wallet; it’s bad for the environment.

Here are a few ideas for chilling out, without raising your electric bill. Continue reading