bambeco celebrates five years during 45th annual earth day


Earth Day is extra special to us here at bambeco. Not only is it a day to celebrate our planet, but it’s also our anniversary.

This year, we are celebrating five years of business! To mark the occasion, we’re giving away a $500 bambeco shopping extravaganza to one lucky Facebook fan. We’re also giving away five of our ultra-cool garden terrarium kits!

With a continued commitment to inspire sustainable living, our mission is to change the world one room at a time and transform sustainability from a movement to a household word.

“At bambeco, we seek to empower individuals to make an impact and leave an imprint through products with purpose. Sustainable living isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint, but about taking a proactive approach to incorporating goods that are created with respect for the earth and its people,” says bambeco CEO and Co-Founder Susan Aplin.

At bambeco, we’re passionate about products with purpose—authentic, high quality products and artisan creations—ALL reclaimed, repurposed, renewable, recycled, natural, or organic to impact the world in a positive way.


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why not green…
eco-misconceptions debunked


What keeps you from going green? Is it too much of a hassle? You’re not sure you want to buy into “that” lifestyle? You’re not interested in giving up your car, living in a cob house and going vegan? Or you think what little you can do won’t make that big of an impact?

There are a lot of misconceptions about green living that get in the way. The biggest one might be the last thing we mentioned. In reality, every little bit does help. Your contribution may be small, but lots of tiny drops of water soon fill a bucket. We talk a lot about living green, how to do it with style, and how easy it is. Today, we’re going to look at those myths, the reasons why people aren’t adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Continue reading

Easy, breezy and green…
keeping green living simple and sustainable

Green living

Green living doesn’t have to be hard. We’d never suggest that anyone clean out their house and replace everything all at once with sustainably-made furniture and accessories. While that sounds like a great idea on the surface, the fact is, it’s not really very green. We’re more about an incremental approach. When the time comes to update your décor, replace the towels, or get a new couch, that’s the time to shop green. It’s simply moving forward with the environment in mind. It can be easy, and it can be fun, and most of all, it can be stylish, too. Here are some quick, easy ways to inject a little green into your life! Continue reading

green from the start…
building sustainably

green home, building sustainably

This week, we’re focusing on livable green home design. Decorating the inside of your home with cool, stylish, eco-friendly products is a smart step for everyone, no matter whether they’re in an urban apartment or a rural rancher. But if you’re about to build your own home, giving a little thought to green design takes the beauty of green to a whole new level. Continue reading

going green for renters…
it’s the little things

Green Rentals

It’s easy to find green info for home owners. From solar panels to reclaimed wood floors and low-E windows, homeowners can transform their spaces into an oasis of green. Which is great, but what about renters or those in condominiums, or historic buildings? Are urban dwellers stuck living in the dark ages?

Nope! Of course, you can always decorate with green products, and check out the rest of this blog for more green living tips, but we’ve put together some easy tricks that work for anyone, no matter what type of home they’re in. Continue reading