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making dinner parties effortless
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Eclectic Dining Room by Other Metro Media And Blogs Dreamy Whites

Dinner parties have come back into vogue, though we think they never really went out of style! Today’s dinner parties aren’t formal, stuffy affairs, instead, they’re casual gatherings of friends over good food and good conversation. Hosting a successful party doesn’t require mad-hostess skills, or even a large dining room table and matching fine china and color-coordinated, themed décor custom selected for the occasion. All of those things are nice, and if you’re so inclined, go for it. But they’re not required. The most important element of any dinner party is simple – a relaxed, hospitable host who’s ready to enjoy an evening with friends. Continue reading

holiday entertaining…
dressing the table

Holiday Table

Break out the linens, it’s time for holiday entertaining! And while you’re at it, banish those stuffy images of lace and forget the icky polyester cloths of yore. We don’t think nice table linens should be reserved just for the holidays, but if you’re ever going to go all out on your tabletop, now is the time to do it! Continue reading

mixing and matching…
setting a holiday tablescape

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about fall entertaining. When it comes to big family dinners, one point that always comes up is how do you seat and serve a large crowd of people. The days of matching china for 12 are, for most people, gone. So unless you inherited Grandma’s set, what can you do? Continue reading