happy thanksgiving…
our gift of thanks to you

At bambeco, we are grateful for what sustains us—

Inspiration that arrived on an arctic glacier ~ Opportunity to make a difference ~ A plan to change the course  ~ Creative minds to know just how ~ Passionate hearts to never give up ~ Skilled hands that turn discarded waste into wonder ~ A sustainable approach to living with style ~ Dedicated partners who imagine the best ~ A cadre of leaders who live with integrity ~ An online community who love what we do, who joins us ~ in changing the world…one room at a time ~ This Thanksgiving, discover What Sustains YOU?!

As our Thanks to you – Enjoy a 10% discount on your entire order today with 5% going to our environmental  partners. Just use the code thanksforgiving at checkout.


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let the holiday shopping begin…
from home!

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Are you looking at the calendar and realizing that the holiday shopping season is just a few days away? If the thought of braving the cold in the pre-dawn hours to do battle for the best deals in a frenzied dash to save money and score the perfect gifts leaves you ready to just write off the whole holiday season, we’ve got a better plan. Instead of dealing with malls, and traffic, and parking, and crowds, and… whew! We get tired just thinking about it! It’s a mad dash! Are you ready? Get set! And…

Breathe. Continue reading

home for the holidays…
creating atmosphere


You’ve cleaned your guest room, stocked up on linens, planned out the menu and even tackled the table. Getting a jump on all the prep well before the annual holiday family invasion begins is a great way to ensure things go smoothly and with as little stress and hassle as possible. Now that you’ve got your space all spruced up, there’s one more thing to think about before guests start arriving, and that’s atmosphere.

You’ve decorated and dressed, cleaned and organized, primped, primed, and prepped everything you possible could, what else can there be? Creating the right atmosphere seems like a small thing, but in reality, it’s that finishing touch that ties it all together. After spending so much time and effort on everything else, you don’t want it to all fall apart for lack of a scented candle.

How can you create a welcoming, holiday atmosphere? Oh, that’s easy. Continue reading

home for the holidays…
prepping the table

The table is without a doubt the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving gathering. Instead of stressing about it at the last minute, take some time to plan ahead for a relaxed, low-stress holiday. Continue reading

home for the holidays…
a little prep goes a long way


It’s that time of year! Time for holiday travel and holiday guests. If you’ve got company coming to your home, get the jump on things and start prepping now to make the holidays go a little more smoothly. We’ve got 10 tips for getting your home ready to receive. Continue reading