not just for tea…
the many uses of tea towels

Forever Dot_3Tea towels. The very name conjures up images of Victorian drawing rooms and ladies sipping tea from dainty cups. Well ditch that dated image! Tea towels are the unsung powerhouses of your kitchen and dining room. They’re not just a pretty face, they’re not afraid of getting down and doing some dirty work. Classically made from linen for its soft texture, durable nature and the fact that it won’t leave lint on the fine china, tea towels can be found everywhere from stove side to on the table, and that’s just where they belong. The tea towel’s close cousin, the flour sack towel, is an example of frugality meeting sustainability—old flour, grain and feed sacks would be repurposed into household towels.

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luxurious linen closets…
the bed and bath version

Morning Fog Bed

Nothing says comfort quite like the feeling of slipping between fresh sheets at the end of the day. And nothing is quite so frustrating as going to make your bed and finding a missing pillowcase or top sheet. Spring is the perfect time to tackle the linen closet. It’s time to open the house, get fresh air moving and prepare for spring and summer guests. Since you’re at all that spring cleaning, take stock of your linen closet as well and note what needs to be reorganized, and what needs replacing. Continue reading

going green?…
try going paper (towel) free

Paper Towel FreeLittle changes can lead to big impact. We’ve said it, and we live it. Going green isn’t an all or nothing decision; what works for one family may be totally impractical for another, and that’s OK. So we like to offer suggestions for easy steps that can be taken incrementally, at your own pace. You decide what works for you. Are you ready? This one’s a little radical.

Give up paper towels.

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