artisan crafted root wood…
stunning style


Hand-carved wood bowls are nothing new, they’ve been around for thousands of years, both as art, and serving infinite practical purposes. Perhaps one of the most beautiful examples of this age-old art form is the root bowl. Even in the most sustainable, responsibly managed forests and plantations, roots are often seen as waste. But some see them as hidden treasures. Continue reading

gifts that keep on giving…
making the holidays special

When you’re looking for that perfect gift, you want to find something meaningful, something special, something that the recipient will really love. What if you could give a gift they would not only love, but that would bring about happy memories for years to come? Those are the gifts that are truly special—they keep on giving long after the holiday has faded into memory.

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the recycle files…
doing something with that tree

Christmas Tree Compost

Christmas is almost here, and it’s that time again. The time when anyone who opted for a real tree starts looking at it and wondering “just what am I going to do after the holidays?” It’s enough to make anyone miss out on some holiday joy, but no more. We’ve got a collection of eco-friendly ways to deal with your tree. We can’t help you with the actual work, sorry!

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