Think big…
oversize recycled glass vases

 oversize recycled glass vases

Love the look of those oversize, recycled glass vases you see gracing design and décor sites? The only trouble is, it can be hard to know just what to do with them. They’re gorgeous, make a stunning statement and they’re, well, they’re big! If you’ve ever looked at them and thought, “Nice, but not in my place!” then please keep reading! Continue reading

got wine bottles…
easy DIY to repurpose your empties

Wine Bottles

Got wine? Some of our favorite items are those made from upcycled bottles. They make great, eco-friendly glasses, vases and even terrariums. Naturally we encourage recycling your empty bottles, but if you’re looking for a quick, easy DIY that looks great, or maybe you just want to get some more use from your empties before you recycle them, we’ve got some ideas for you. Continue reading

decorating with flowers…
thinking outside the big arrangements

Flower arrangement

Nothing brightens a room like a few colorful blooms. Whether on a flowering plant, or gathered in a vase of cut blossoms, flowers are a sure-fire trick to making a room look more finished. Though it’s still some time till spring, early blooms will start appearing in some local markets in February. What better away to bring a fresh spring air to your home?

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