recycle right…
five tips for better recycling

Here at Inspired Habitat, we’re all about a fresh new look on a whole-life approach to living green. We’re more about looking forward to what we can do to change the world of the future rather than looking back at what’s been done to the planet in the past. We’re all about being real, not radical. And we’re always learning, changing, and moving forward with an eye on tomorrow. With Earth Day approaching, we figured it was time to talk recycling again. Continue reading

recycled materials…
a look at metal and glass

“Made from recycled materials.” Those words are emblazoned on everything from paper products to glassware, but what do they really mean? And what about “pre-consumer” and “post-consumer” labels? Is one better than the other?

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no excuses recycling…
reducing the kitchen trash

kitchen recycle

The kitchen trash… how much of what goes in there could be recycled? These days, the answer is “a lot.” Curbside recycling programs are getting more and more widespread and picking up a wider variety of items than they did just five years ago. Even smaller cities tend to have recycling centers that can handle what your curbside program can’t. So, here’s our collection of nine no-excuse items that should be recycled. Continue reading

the un-compostables…
dealing with stuff that just doesn’t belong


Gone are the days of having just a single trashcan for all household waste. And we couldn’t be happier! As much as we love composting and recycling, however, it can be confusing. We’ve written posts on recycling electronics and about the surprising things you can compost. It’s time to talk about the things that can’t go in the compost pile or recycling bin.  Continue reading