got water?…
get ready for World Water Day!


World Water Day is coming up, so we thought it was time to look at simple ways to save water, without giving up great style! Saving water helps preserve a vital natural resource, conserves energy, and helps protect our waterways as well. And it doesn’t require an all-or-nothing approach;little things can have big impact. Small, every day choices can change the world for the better.  Continue reading

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quick DIY conserves the wet stuff


Google “water saving tips” and you’re going to get a mind-boggling number of relevant results. We’ve even posted on the topic here. Some of the tips you can find are easy and totally practical for everyday life; others, well… not so much. Today we’re looking at a super simple DIY job that even renters can do that will help you conserve water. Continue reading

saving water…
drought tolerant gardening


All across the country, the word being tossed around is “drought.” It was an unusual winter, followed by a mild spring and summer is turning out to be a scorcher. Despite recent storms and floods, farmers are prepared for a record dry year. Whether you have your own edible garden, or are just looking to reduce water usage on your ornamental plants, here are a few tips to weathering a drought while keeping your plants happy. Continue reading