serve up stylish springtime sustainability…

Spring is here, time to dust off the patio furniture and get ready for warmer, sunnier weather! It’s a perfect time for parties as well—from the first day of spring to Easter and Mother’s Day and more, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

For a fresh new look, embrace natural woods to bring the warmth and beauty of nature to your table. Wood serving pieces have come a long way from what you may remember from the past. Today’s pieces are sustainably harvested, protecting both the planet and the people. The heavy finishes of yesterday have been replaced with easy-care, nontoxic surfaces and oil-rubbed finishes. Continue reading

wood floors…
their proper care and feeding

Got wood floors? Everyone thinks a wood floor requires Herculean effort to maintain. The truth is—they’re actually one of the easiest-care surfaces around. Done right, they’re also an incredibly eco-friendly option—using reclaimed wood or sustainable plantation woods. If you’re ready to give up the delicate treatment, we’ve got some basic tips.

First, know your finish. If you have a new floor, and it’s coated in a polyurethane finish, it’s about as easy as it gets. Wax-finish floors take a bit more effort, so does a vintage floor with a shellac, lacquer or varnish finish. But for day-to-day care, they’re all the same. Continue reading

a tale of teak…
cutting boards for today’s kitchen




Teak wood is a classic in the marine industry as well as for outdoor furniture. It makes sense—it’s a durable wood that naturally resists moisture, insects, and warping, and it has a stunningly beautiful color and grain. The popularity of teak led to supply problems, as the world’s natural teak forests were over-harvested. Today, modern, sustainably-managed teak plantations are recreating the look and feel of old-growth teak in eco-friendly ways. Continue reading

products with purpose…
reclaimed wine barrel staves

It’s a stunning piece, utterly sustainable. Crafted from the staves of a retired wine barrel and repurposed wine cooler bottles. You can flip the wooden base over and still see the deep purple stains of the wine. They’re perfect for a beer or wine tasting, or to hold votive or tealight candles as part of a centerpiece or mantle decoration. But that’s not all they’re good for! We’re all about finding creative new ways to use every day items, and the Beer Flight is no different. We challenged our creative team to come up with some alternative uses for the flights, and after rattling off the expected list, they started living up to their creative title.

Continue reading

The green table…
dinner time

Fall entertaining! From football parties to holiday galas, it’s that time of year! What better time to update your table with more eco-friendly tablewares that are as gorgeous as they are green. Earlier this week, we covered the behind the scenes prep so today we’re taking the tabletop green. With the right pieces, you can achieve a mix and match style that will take you from summer barbecues to fall football with ease and style. Here are some of our tabletop favorites.

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