wood décor…
it’s not just about the furniture

The natural beauty of wood is classic, timeless, and done right, oh-so green. From wood furniture to wood floors, we have a love affair with all things wood. When it comes to décor, natural wood provides color, texture, warmth, and undeniable personality to any space. Wood décor can feel smooth and sleek, or rough-hewn and rustic. It’s emotionally evocative; dark colors call up images of cozy libraries or a warm ski lodge while lighter tones conjure images of summertime picnics, sun-filled kitchens or a serene spa. Continue reading

on the bench…
putting the humble wood bench to work

wood bench

A sturdy wood bench may have humble beginnings, but this simple piece of furniture is often the perfect solution to décor dilemmas. With a little dressing up, the humble bench becomes a beautiful and practical accent piece. Inside, a bench can be a spot to take off your shoes, provide extra seating for dinner, or serve as an impromptu table. Outside, they’re a place to stop and rest for a moment. A bench can change the way a space feels and functions; it can fill up an empty wall, or transform an awkward window or corner into something beautiful.

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sustainably grown…
taking a look at wood

To celebrate Arbor Day this Friday, we’re celebrating trees. Arbor Day was originally meant to be a simple idea – set aside a special day to plant a tree. Today, that simple idea is more important than ever. Planting and nurturing trees embraces the beauty of nature, helps clean the environment and so much more. So, if Arbor Day is all about planting trees, why are we talking about wood products? Planting trees is just one part of the equation. We also need to look at how we grow, harvest and use wood to preserve the forests that are already here. Continue reading

mixed metaphors…
modern rustic design

Modern Rustic

The latest trend in home décor is a sort of mixed metaphor that combines rustic elements with modern lines and sensibilities. It’s a super flexible look that can go city elegant or country charm and everything in between. It’s also perfectly suited for all things green. Modern rustic styling means reclaimed and repurposed materials are right at home and can be incorporated to fit any décor. The look is easy and relaxed, and even in its most sophisticated interpretations; it still sports a casual, inviting vibe.

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