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jazzing up your stairs


If you look at your staircase as simply a method of getting from one floor to another, it might be time to take a second look. We spend so much time and effort designing and decorating the rest of our homes, but the staircase is often overlooked. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’ve got a narrow, confined stairwell, or a big, bright and open one, there are some simple ways to add color and visual interest and transform them into more than a simple stairway to somewhere.

On the risers

Want to really jazz up your stairs? Make them colorful, and we’re not talking on the walls. One fast way to accomplish that is paint. You can paint the entire staircase one color, or each step a different color, or add stripes, or an ombre effect, or patterns, or whatever strikes your fancy. You could also just paint the risers and leave the treads plain. Another option is to add wallpaper to the risers for quick little pops of color – the perfect way to use up extra paper or paint!

On the walls

Maybe your steps are carpeted, or they’re antique wood with a gorgeous grain. Or maybe you just want to be more subtle. Transform your stairwell into an art gallery. It’s a more traditional approach, and always looks good. You can choose fine art, family portraits, interesting wall art, mirrors, or any combination you can imagine. Read our tips on hanging art here.

Don’t forget the banister

If your stairwell has a railing or banister, you have yet another surface to play with. Seasonal decorations are the easiest, just be careful they don’t get in the way of function. You can also paint the railing to match or coordinate with your stairs, or use it to hang small photos or twinkling LED lights for a fun effect.

Your stairwell may not be a place where people hang out, relax, or socialize, but it is a part of your home and you can create a space that is as unique, and personal, as every other beautiful space in your home.


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