the empty hearth…
summery fireplace décor

Summer Mantle

Warmer weather has arrived, so now what do you do with the fireplace? You can check out our previous tips on non-holiday mantle décor, or fill the void with some fire alternatives. Or take a different approach. Embrace the season and transform your fireplace and mantle into a summer sanctuary, or rearrange a few things and hide your fireplace behind some strategically placed chairs and plants. No matter which approach you choose, we’ve got some inspiration for you.

  • Fill your fireplace with brightly painted logs for a fresh, modern, and summer appropriate take on the traditional fireplace filler. Just make sure to set the logs aside as décor only – no burning them next winter!
  • Add a touch of whimsy with a collection of miniature birdhouses. Hang them inside the firebox, or place them on stakes in potted plants for a fun look.
  • Brighten things up with summer colors. Consider painting the fireplace wall or surround to create a different sort of focal point. Swap out for breezy sheer drapes for a softer, more summery look.
  • Grab an oversize vase and trim some pretty branches from your yard. The color and height from the greenery will bring a bit of your summer yard indoors.
  • Go nautical, decorate with rope, candles, seashells and ocean-themed décor. Transform the firebox into your own beach with a reclaimed metal whale.
  • Line the firebox with pretty, brightly colored fabric, or make a fireplace screen for a quick and easy cover up.
  • Summer MantlePlace a collection of large glass jars along the mantle and in the firebox, then spend all summer filling them with seashells, twigs, rocks, or other found items from your summer adventures.
  • Distract with greenery – fill up the firebox with potted plants. You can choose one large plant to create a focal point, or place lots of small plants in a collection.
  • Make an arrangement of botanical prints above the mantle, then fill the fireplace itself with glass jars or vases filled with pretty found items from nature.
  • Summer MantleMake a collection of vacation photos, gather up your favorite shots and put them in matching frames to line your mantle. Fill the firebox with mementos from your vacations for a shadowbox like effect.
  • Go ahead and hide the whole thing. Rearrange your furniture to change the focus of your space. This is a great solution if you’ve got a terrific view out one window. Try angling a pair of chairs around a large potted tree in front of the firebox.
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summery fireplace décor

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