the illusion of size…
making a small bath feel larger

Small Bath

A compact powder room is a wonderful thing. A compact master bath is not so wonderful, but with the trend toward smaller homes, designers are moving away from cavernous bathrooms. How can you open yours up and bring the illusion of space without a full renovation? Oh, it’s surprisingly easy!

Go monochromatic – reduce the color contrast in the room (ie – light tile? Go for light walls) to make the space feel visually larger. If you just have to have contrast, either keep it low like cabinets and rugs, or make it a focal point in the room like a shelf or lamp.

Go all the way up – continue your wall color onto the ceiling to make the room feel a bit more expansive. You can also go one shade lighter on the ceiling if the room tends to be dark – ceilings tend to feel a bit darker than walls anyway.

Blend walls and tiles – along those monochromatic lines, keep your paint and tile colors similar to blur the line between spaces. The fewer places your eye stops, the larger the room will feel.

Tile to the ceiling – once again, keep the visual lines going for as long as you can to help keep your eyes moving and make the room feel more spacious.

Take it easy on the transitions – all of these tips have pointed to one thing, make your transitions between any two surfaces as seamless as possible. Creating a cleaner, less busy visual space will open up even the smallest rooms.

Keep it clear – whether you’ve got a shower curtain or doors, go for a clear water barrier. Anything else can feel like an extra wall.

Go for big mirrors – take up the entire wall above the vanity if you can, and go all the way to the ceiling. Mirrors double the effectiveness of lighting and make the room seem more spacious. Got double sinks? Use one uninterrupted mirror so you don’t chop up the space.

More on mirrors – be smart, place a mirror across from the window to increase the light in the room.

Light it up – natural light is ideal, so open up those windows if you have them! If not, think about a skylight, solar tube or some other way to bring natural light in. And if that’s still not an option, go for daylight bulbs in your lamps, and make sure there are lots of them.

If you’re building, build smart – use recessed shelves in the shower to hold bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Forgo the classic linen closet built out of sheetrock and 2x4s and instead opt for a beautiful built-in cabinet that increases storage space while providing surface area as well.

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making a small bath feel larger

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