the legend of Santa Paws…

We all know the story of Santa Claus, the jolly old elf who delivers packages to good little girls and boys each Christmas, but have you heard about Santa Paws?

Legend has it that somewhere in the far reaches of the hidden Barktic Circle (it’s up near the North Pole) lives the ever-playful Santa Paws. He spends all year long with his pack of helpful critters, finding only the best gifts for furry friends everywhere. Like all good pups, Santa Paws knows it’s important to take care of the environment, so he only finds toys and treats that are good for the earth as well as for pets.

He loves getting letters from good little puppies and kittens (even if they are written by their two-legged best friends) telling him about their favorite toys and treats, and letting him know what they really want. Just before Christmas, he makes his list of all the pets all across the world. It’s a very long list! And of course, he checks it twice.

On Christmas Eve, he fills his sleigh with bags full of toys and treats and harnesses up his team of flying sled dogs to make the rounds, delivering packages to all the well-behaved puppies and kittens (and other pets, too, whether furry, feathered or scaled). All the little pups leave doggy biscuits as a treat for Santa Paws and his team of sled dogs. The kittens leave treats too, but they usually put out catnip mice that Santa Paws shares with his feline friends who live in the Meow Meadows right next to the Barktic Circle.

We don’t like to talk about it, but furry friends who misbehave might find yucky coal and coupons for trips to the vet in their holiday stockings instead of yummy treats and fun toys. In the morning, the puppies and kittens can’t contain themselves, and may even wake their two-legged friends early, so they can run to the tree and see what Santa Paws left for them.

Of course, no one ever sees Santa Paws. He comes after all the good little pups and kittens are in bed. By morning, he’s back in the Barktic Circle where he and his sled dogs take a long nap in front of a toasty fire before starting the search for next year’s Christmas treats.

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