the many shades of white…
all white décor that works

all white decor

Color trends come and go, but white is classic, timeless. White works in any room, with any décor style and it goes with just about anything. White is a very accommodating color. If all white decor seems boring, think again. White works best when different tones and shades of white are mixed, so what looks monochromatic isn’t really. Which shades of white you use will depend on your personal preference, as well as the kind of light that comes into the room. A few ways to make white work:

  • Gloss or matte? Take your white to high-gloss glamor for a chic, sophisticated look, or opt for matte finished for a more casual, cottage style.
  • Color pop? A touch of color can make an otherwise all-white palette really shine. White looks best when taken to extremes – either go for a pop of really bright, vivid color, or opt for soft, muted pastels and neutrals.
  • Size doesn’t matter. Going all white can make a small space seem far more open; it can also soften the appearance of a very large space, allowing you to create intimate spaces with color.
  • Bring in the sun. Natural light is never so important as with a white room. The quality and direction of your natural light will change the way your white looks, so take your time in picking the right shades that work in your space.
  • Gallery inspiration. For real drama, paint a wall a rich, cool white and arrange a collection of framed images and art to create a gallery wall. Want even extra pop? Use all black frames.
  • The great imitator. White walls and reflective surfaces will pick up the tones of surrounding colors, and even light. Place deep red near your white wall and the wall will take on a pinkish cast.
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