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Green Mythology

Green, green, green! Everywhere you turn, you’re encouraged to go green, and while we love the idea, we’re also aware that with great popularity comes a whole boatload of myths and misunderstandings. The image of a green life as expensive, extreme, and less stylish still persists. Is there anything to all this green mythology? We don’t think so!

Green means all or nothing

It’s easy to get sucked into this one. If you want to live green, you need to go vegan, give up your car or drive a hybrid, compost everything and grow your own veggies. All of that is great, but all of it is not necessary to live a green(er) life. We like the little step approach – every little thing you do is a step in the right direction. Start by taking your own grocery bags to the store; the next time you need to buy sheets, or picture frames, or some other home décor product, choose something green. Do the same with everything, make your choices, and changes, slowly and one at a time. Over time, little by little, green becomes automatic and is built in to your life in a way that makes sense for you.

Organic food is always better

Buying organic sounds great, but if that certified organic tomato was trucked all the way from South America, it’s leaving a whopping carbon footprint. The ideal is organic and local, of course, but the reality is that’s not always an option. Your best bet is to shop local produce from reputable farm stands or farmer’s markets where you can talk to the farmers about what they’re doing, or not doing, to your food. Does that mean you might be purchasing smaller berries, and your apples may not be picture perfect? Or that you can’t get certain fruits or veggies at certain times of the year? Why yes, it does. But have you tasted truly fresh, in-season produce? It’s so much more flavorful than the over-sized, grown-all-year-round stuff you’ll find on a conventional market’s shelves that you’ll be amazed.

I need a big yard to grow my own

Sure, growing your own fresh veggies sounds great, but you live in the city, or have a tiny yard and a home owner’s association that doesn’t approve of agriculture. If you have a sunny window, you can grow your own fresh herbs that will satisfy that DIY desire and taste better than that bottled stuff at the store. Plant your herbs in a bright, sunny spot where they won’t get direct sunlight on the leaves and keep them watered. When they’re ready, use them right off the plant, or hang them upside down to dry. Voila! Fresh, organic herbs, right at your fingertips!

Cleaning green isn’t as effective

Don’t you just love the overwhelming smell of a just-cleaned home? Or that lovely wheezy feeling after you’ve cleaned the bathroom? And we’re not even mentioning all those chemicals are getting washed down the drain. Early forays into the field often came with less than stellar results, but today’s green cleaners are equally as effective as their conventional counterparts, all without the negative environmental impact. Switching to green cleaners is one of those easy steps to take. And oh so worth it!

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