there’s an app for that… greener décor through technology

For most people, a smart phone is a near constant companion. And why not? They keep us connected, help us organize our lives and even direct us to recycling facilities, sustainable seafood choices, and even help plan a greener vacation. With all that power at our fingertips, why can’t it help with greener décor?

Oh, but it can… yep, from DIY home improvement projects to picking a paint color, there’s an app for that. Here are a few handy ones we like, but these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great décor apps.

ColorSchemer Touch – create color schemes based on your photos. Visualize different color schemes, create custom combinations and have a digital color wheel in the palm of your hand. Talk about an easy way to make a color palette!




ColorSmart by Behr – take a pic and apply virtual paint for a preview of the color. The app includes a photo matching tool and the ability to save images and share them with friends and family. Take the guesswork out of painting.




Painting My Wall Pro – another virtual paint visualizer, this app gives you even greater control over what you can paint and allows you to save and share your images as well. Plus, it will give you a quick analysis – is your color scheme comfortable? Elegant? Modern?




iHandy Level – we’ve all been there… “Is this straight?” Get perfect alignment for hanging pictures or painting accent lines, measuring angles or just about anything else.





Dot Measure – never forget your room dimensions again. Use the camera tool to take photos and measure distances, height and even area without a tape measure.





Mark on Call – ever wanted an interior designer on speed dial? This app is the next best thing. Take and save photos of finishes, furniture, room layouts and more, add color, redesign your space, and get pro tips for doing it all yourself.

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