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mobile tools for green living

Today, most of us live with our smart phone almost constantly by our side (or in our hands!) Why not transform your phone into a green powerhouse? With a selection of free apps, it’s easy. We found some great green apps focused on recycling and other green tools, and most are available for iPhone (and iPad) as well as Android.

irecycle – find out how, where and when to recycle just about anything. The app uses your location, zip code, address or city to get access to vital details on collection points, web sites, phone numbers, hours and materials accepted. The app can also link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share where you’ve recycled or your favorite news stories. Available for iOS and Android.

My Recycle List – another option to help find recycling locations nearby that accept items you pick from a list. You can organize locations you actually use to help plan your recycling with the last amount of trips. The app integrates with the web site, and allows you to contact recycling centers directly, and add them to your contacts. Available for iOS and Android.

Recyclebank – works with your recyclebank account to keep you connected and up to date. Order rewards, set reminders and connect with community. Available for iOS and Android.

Aluminate – one can can make a difference. Aluminate helps you keep track of the aluminum cans you’ve gathered, and helps you find the nearest recycling center where you can not only turn them in, but get cash back for them. You can set goals based on number of cans, or amount of money, share pictures and progress on Facebook, and get access to fun facts, videos and more. Available for iOS only.

Find Recycling – find a local recycling center no matter where in the world you might be. Most apps are great for the US and possibly Canada, but this one has gone global. Includes search by location and material to be recycled and gives you the center’s contact info, hours of operation and more. Available on iOS and Android.

GoodGuide – shop your values, any time, any where. The app makes it easy to search by product name, or even barcode scanning to find health, environmental and social performance ratings on over 120,000 food, personal care and household products. We’d call this an indispensible app for anyone! Available for iOs and Android.

Greenmap – find and explore green resources on the go. The app (and site) can guide you to farmer’s markets, green buildings, gardens, heritage sites and more. The app also includes maps, videos, photos, a blog and social networking features. Available for iOS only, but Android users can use the mobile version of the web site.

New apps are cropping up all the time, and the green landscape is always evolving. We’ll periodically review new apps and green tools.

What are your favorite eco-focused mobile tools?

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mobile tools for green living

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