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We’ve covered green apps before, from finding sustainable seafood to tracking your dog walking, it just makes sense. Our smartphones go where we go, and the electronic landscape is always changing; there are currently nearly 300 green apps listed in the iTunes and Google marketplaces. With more and more people focused on living a more sustainable lifestyle, we decided it was time to revisit the subject for a review of what’s out there in the world of green apps.

The GoodGuide – tried and true, this one’s a go-to classic. This app takes the guesswork out of buying according to your values. Scan a barcode and up pops the latest scores and information on the environmental, social and health impact of just about any product. Available for iOS and Android.






PaperKarma – put an end to junk mail and unwanted catalogs. The app makes unsubscribing from mailing lists easy. Just snap a picture of the offending mail and the app does the rest for you. Saves trees and time! Available for iOS and Android.





inBloom – you prefer shopping sustainable businesses, but haven’t had the chance to research what’s available where you’re at right now. This app uses location-based search to generate a list of eco-friendly businesses nearby. Available for iOs only.





HopStop – at home, you’ll hop a bus, but in an unfamiliar city? Download HopStop and you’ve got an all-in-one solution for planning travel via public transportation in a long (and growing) list of cities. The app calculates time, distance and cost, and gives you door-to-door directions for public transit, walking, biking or even taxis. Available for iOS or mobile web.





iRecycle – like the GoodGuide, this app has become a classic. Get answers to almost any recycling question you can imagine, and find out how, what and where to recycle everything based on your location. Available for iOS and Android.






Light Bulb Finder – it may sound silly, but we think it’s genius. We’ve all been there—befuddled by a wall of lightbulbs at the local hardware store and trying to do the math to figure out which is the better bulb. Make it all simple with this easy-to-use app that helps you find the right bulb, calculates your energy savings and even lets you buy your bulb online. Available for iOS and Android.






Locavore – find local farmer’s markets and farms, in-season food and even seasonal recipes with this handy app, then share it all on social networks. This app makes eating local even easier. Available for iOS or Android.






Really, this is just a taste of what’s out there. Our smartphones may not be the greenest gadgets we own, but we can certainly use them to bring a bit more green into other areas of our lives.

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