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oversize recycled glass vases

 oversize recycled glass vases

Love the look of those oversize, recycled glass vases you see gracing design and décor sites? The only trouble is, it can be hard to know just what to do with them. They’re gorgeous, make a stunning statement and they’re, well, they’re big! If you’ve ever looked at them and thought, “Nice, but not in my place!” then please keep reading!

Use them alone to create a statement in a foyer, or group them together for big impact around a fireplace. The hand-blown nature, complete with tiny bubbles and a slight unevenness are part of the charm of these terrific pieces. So, how can you use them without being overwhelmed? We’re glad you asked!

Empty or full?

There is no right or wrong here, it’s whatever works for you. Left alone, an oversize, recycled glass vase looks sleek, modern and needs no additional ornamentation. But, if you need to create drama through height, add a few branches of curly willow or something similar and enjoy the wow factor. They would also be an ideal way to display a collection of pebbles or river stones.

Single or a group?

Place a single vase on your entry table for an instant sense of style, or group a trio next to the fireplace for asymmetrical impact. Want to go really bold? If you’ve got a large coffee table, group a trio of oversize recycled glass vases on one end and place a bright, bold tray on the other. And if you’re not currently using the fireplace, placing a single, brightly colored vase in the middle is an attractive way to fill the firebox.

Want even more impact?

Place your vase, or vases, in front of a mirror and create the illusion of a larger space, even more vases and reflect lots of light onto those glass surfaces. Use them on top of a bookcase to add a strong visual interest and bring the eye up with color.

However you use them, an oversize recycled glass vase, or group of them, is an instant focal point, guaranteed to create a sense of scale and drama. And whose space couldn’t use more of that?

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